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Holiday rental #CovidSafe


We know that we are going through a difficult time due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19. From RIMARENT we are sure that we will return to normal very soon.

But until this normality arrives, we want to transmit you total and complete confidence and security and that is why we have immediately incorporated in all our accommodations a series of #CovidSafe measures for this 2020.


#CovidSafe RIMARENT measures

1. #CovidSafe Kit per person for free for petition (disinfectant gel + gloves + mask).


2. Comprehensive cleaning service before the entry and exit of our clients. A daily cleaning service is also offered in addition (at the expense of interested clients) at the minimum cost price only for our clients, for their safety and tranquility.

3. A large number of our accommodations (apartments, houses and villas) have a great advantage over hotel rooms since we do not share common areas and you avoid any risk with third parties, and you can also enjoy greater privacy and security.

4. Option to order food and groceries through online applications, without having to leave the home if considered.

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