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Design single-family home, located in Medinyà (Girona). Your 21st century housing project in Medinyà – Girona.

It must be specified that the starting price of this project de autopromoción is from: 420,000 Euros. The price specified in the announcement does not have to be the final price, the final cost of carrying out the project will depend on the type of materials that end up being specified in the quality specification. Thus representing different levels of finishes and features in the home (BASIC, STANDARD features o PRÉMIUM).

Exclusive design house with 4 bedrooms (1 suite, 2 singles and 1 double), 3 bathrooms, 1 toilet, living room, multipurpose room, storage room, 2 parking spaces, porch-terrace and swimming pool (optional).

An energy saving of 70% to 90% compared to a conventional home. We lower the energy costs of your home for life by improving your well-being and environmental impact.

We create Sustainable Housing projects y Passivhaus that facilitate:

- An energy saving in heat and cold in the home.
- Differential savings in the construction process.
- A sustainability based on well-being.

High energy efficiency construction standard. Maximum demand in the housing construction process. We work with local construction materials.

Origin in Sweden and Germany. Great thermal insulation: constructive design with the absence of thermal bridges - exterior space openings as in other structural enclosures - mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. High performance doors and windows.

Energy savings of 70% to 90% compared to a conventional home in the permanent adaptation of the atmospheric conditions of the interior, both in winter and summer periods (temperature and humidity).

- Environmental sustainability: energy saving + construction with natural materials.
- Intelligent air renewal: comfort and air quality.
- Incidence of sunlight: intelligent management of natural light and use of the sun's energy in the thermal field.

Located in the Municipality of Medinyà, 7 km from Gerona and 23 km from the Costa Brava. Medinyà is a municipality in the Gironès region. Located on the left bank of the River Ter and northeast of the city of Girona. The AP7 and the N-II cross the term from south to north. The old town is located on top of a small hill surrounding the Castle of Medinyà and its old chapel.

*** WE HELP YOU DEVELOP YOUR PROJECT TO MEASURE ANY PART OF THE TERRITORY: Request information without obligation. We will inform you about different options in architecture.

Design single-family house with Passivhaus standard

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